ZS and CRWD Extend Partnership

ZS and CRWD expand partnership and are finding more synergies with their services. I assume enterprise customers are seeking all in one, best in class solutions. So, ZS and CRWD and working together to provide that.

Credit due to Wheelzofsteel’s posts on the CRWD/ZS boards who had a few comments there.

Here is a link to yahoo interview with Kurtz. https://finance.yahoo.com/video/crowdstrike-ceo-breaks-down-…

Here is a link to ZS press release. https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/03/29/220071…



Hi Mike,
I hope I’m not high jacking this post.
Zs website, regarding use of OKTA
Seamless User-Centric Protection
Okta and Zscaler are designed to work together based on standards like Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), which makes deploying the integration easy. And because you’re getting best-in- class identity management and cloud access management tools combined, the results are powerful: users can easily authenticate, and IT can securely control internet traffic.
Zs, on their website goes on regarding zero trust by touting OKTAs
The following is all OKTA
Automatic Provisioning and Deprovisioning
Additionally, full lifecycle management is made possible with the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) integration. Beyond real-time provisioning for user access, the Okta and Zscaler SCIM integration enables enterprises to keep all user information
in sync between the two systems, including user group or job role changes, and account deletions for instances of users moving on from the company. With automatic provisioning and deprovisioning, admins are freed up from having to update user records in more than one system, and the enterprise stays safe from unauthorized access because account deprovisioning happens instantly

Secured and Scalable Office 365 Integration
Okta’s Zscaler integration helps enterprises reap the full benefits of cloud-based enterprise applications like Office 365. When deploying Zscaler with Okta, end users get a secure connection to Office 365 from any location, without performance lags. Okta manages end-user access to Office 365 through a combination of SSO and MFA. Zscaler manages and accelerates the connections and Office 365 traffic?

It just looks like Zs is leaning hard on other Security providers. And what Zs does have that’s ‘best in class’, Cloudflare provides in full as far as I can tell. Per Muji at HHHypergrowth.com-
Cloudflare has their Argo Tunnel product to bring their edge network all the way into your data center (protecting the edge-to-origin above). Their Magic Transit product goes a step further, and brings Cloudflare’s platform directly onto your enterprise network. They then added another product, Cloudflare Access, to protect incoming traffic, allowing users to safely access a company’s origin server, regardless of where it lives (in the cloud or an on-prem data center). This is accomplished through Zero Trust capabilities they have built, which are possible due to the software-defined networking architecture they’ve adopted.
Using those software tunnels, the only unprotected part left was the Last Mile between the endpoint (requesting device) to the nearest edge server. So Cloudflare then created a Secure Web Gateway (SWG) product called Cloudflare Gateway, to protect the traffic from the endpoint making requests to the SaaS services that an enterprise uses. Between outgoing traffic production in Gateway and incoming traffic protection in Access, Cloudflare now offers end-to-end protection of network traffic for an enterprise’s users?

The only arguments I’ve heard for buying Zs are:

  1. There is so much greenfield opportunities/there needn’t be only one winner
  2. Some larger enterprises like to roll into things slower (Cloudflare is much easier to deploy (not being sarcastic).

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