2022 - you will not be missed

This is the 2022 year in review thread, where you basically say whatever the heck you want about what a crap (or good) year it was.

We lost:
Norm Macdonald and Gilbert Gottfried. That sucked.

Other deaths included the concept that valuations don’t matter in investments. Saul was down 66% going into this month, and while SNOW appears about flat, every other of his stocks are down from a month ago.

Will need a heckuva rally to avoid a near-70% down year.

Ironically, of course, his board is the only one in which board history was saved. Go figure.

Covid brain at moment, so will pause for now and think about 2023 predictions. What do we do from here?



Was cash heavy going into the year, down 8% from ATHs.

My mind has been on other things this year. Mostly the fragility of life and the value of time. When a friend turned 50 Some years ago he said he realised his most precious resource was time ( I’d add health).

I lost 3 praise-worthy colleagues, 2 relatives and a dear, dear friend this year. It puts the $$ side into perspective. I keep seeing things I want to text my friend about then I realise I can’t.

Hope your Covid brain lifts soon.

Here’s to a more satisfying 2023.



Perspective is always a good thing.
Light sore throat is all that remains of my covid right now. More concerned about older family members, but so far no major problems.

Agree on the health + time. Mostly because the health makes the time more enjoyable and satisfying. For example, covid isolation is just killing time…a whole lotta nothing - just a hermit in a cave. Plus in winter, so not like I can get lost on a long walk outside. Blah. Couple xmas returns still sitting on table waiting to be executed. Oldest has bday soon and meant to be out there getting his gift during still-good xmas time sale prices. Kids on xmas break hiding away from sick parents…lost some of that immediate post-xmas feel-good buzz. Bummer.

So, yeah, health is one of those things we easily take for granted, because you want it to be the default setting. Unfortunately, it takes some effort as we age, along with a dash of luck.