2024 Resolution: Fish More. Trade Less

There comes a point when a sensible person realizes that more of something that isn’t needed, such as “more money,” isn’t more. It’s less. Less time for other things.

Last year, for the first time in many years, I didn’t build a boat or two, or even another fly rod, nor wet a line anywhere. That’s going to change this year, I decided, and today is as good as any to begin making those changes. That means posting less here, letting my subcriptions to BarChart and Simply Wall Street expire, cleaning up my brokerage accounts, etc.

I wish everyone success in the coming year’s tough, tough market.


I drew it, built it, and then gave it to the boat-building club I belong to sell, which they did for $300. Someone got a bargain, right? because that’s a good-looking boat.


Very nice boat and better life decision. Congrats on both.

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