$23 Billion

Spent by Buffett repurchasing at higher than the current quote. Just pointing it out to show that nobody can bottom tick, and to me anyway, if I can buy lower than Warren, it makes me feel good.

Bought more today.


When you are the sun, you cannot take small nibbles at the moons of Saturn.
When you are an ocean liner, you cannot turn in the Mississippi river.
When you are an elephant, you cannot shake hands with an ant.

Average volume is $1.6B/daily. If you are buying $23Billion in a day, you cannot buy without impacting the stock price.

Buffett can buy 1/10th the average volume, maximum?

1/10th daily volume is about $160,000,000 or so every day for 143 days to get to $23B.

Congrats on buying at a lower price than Buffett.
You have a tremendous structural advantage.

You’re a small fry. :smiley:

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