28-yr-old pays $62 a month to live in a dumpster

… but he lives in a neighborhood where a 1-bedroom apartment is $1,850/month.

The homeless people near me actually get larger quarters (about 80 sf) for free, if they’re willing to fold up their tent and move in.



Thanks intercst…That is inspiring…certainly for me!!!

And a timely reminder to see through the darkness!


Not to take away from the fellow’s initiative, as usual the news headline is not the whole story…

After hearing about my project, an arts charity called Antepavilion granted me an empty, grassy lot in Southwark to put my house on. I currently rent the dumpster base from a waste management company for only $62 a month (although I have not been charged for it yet).

Not to mention the ‘free’ help he got…

On most days, my friends would come by and help.

He paid some of the expenses,

It cost me roughly $5,000 to build the home:

Could he afford the Dumpster Home if he had to pay the real cost?

As I said, not to take away from the fellow’s initiative which is admirable, this is an economics discussion board so let’s not forget the micro economics of the project.

The Captain


Captain if you had to pay for the cost of cleaning up the fossil fuel energy destruction you have caused using fossil fuels would you be bankrupt?

Yes! Emphatically you would because there would never have been any opportunities.

Fossil fuels are squatters’ rights.