5th COVID shot approved by FDA

US FDA approves fifth Covid vaccine booster shots for 50 and older


I was curious about our autumn plans and apparently so was the FDA.

(BTW, our ship’s Cruise Director just went into isolation with a dose of COVID)



The cruise director? Whose next?

I will get my fifth in the early fall as well. Thanks for the heads up.

I’m beginning to feel like the FDA is boosting the vax about as much as the Fed was boosting M1. Are there not any new formulations to address delta, omicron, and whatever else has already come down the pipe?


Moderna just got approval for a vaccine “bivaliant” spelling that is a booster for its original covid vax but made specifically for Omicron.

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Fifth booster? Wouldn’t that be the third booster? (The first two doses were not boosters.)

So far, I’ve only had my first booster, because I’m not eligible for my second.

Of course, the real game changer we need is an updated vaccine. The current one is horribly outdated. This won’t stop me from getting my second booster, but the fact that people have been infected after the first and even second booster is proof of this.