~5Trillion tonnes of geologic (gold) hydrogen is sitting in underground reservoirs worldwide

That’s according to an unpublished study by the US Geological Survey, reports the FT

Reviewing the findings at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, project leader Geoffrey Ellis said: “Most hydrogen is likely inaccessible, but a few per cent recovery would still supply all projected demand — 500mn tonnes a year — for hundreds of years.”

According to Paul Harraka, Chief Business Officer of US startup Koloma: “Geologic hydrogen represents an extraordinary opportunity to produce clean hydrogen in a way that is not only low carbon, but also low land footprint, low water footprint and low energy consumption”

Another US company, Natural Hydrogen Energy, has already drilled an exploratory well in Nebraska to tap this so-called ‘gold hydrogen’


White hydrogen refers to naturally occurring reserves of underground hydrogen. The term gold hydrogen is given specifically to hydrogen produced by microbial activities in depleted oil wells. White and gold hydrogen are cleaner than conventional ways of producing hydrogen.


Sounds EXCELLENT to me.

Hydrogen, both white and gold, along with geothermal, seem to me to be the most underappreciated possibilities for escaping our CO2 disaster.

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