75 MW: Electrify America Teams With Tera Gen

Color me impressed at the speed of setting up this giant solar farm. They claim it will be ready next Summer and they are just beginning? You’ll want to see the short video accompanying this article which is at its end:


On May 18, Electrify America announced it has entered into a 15-year virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA)* with renewable energy developer Terra-Gen to build a 75 MW solar power plant in San Bernardino, California. Known as Solar Glow 1, it will have an estimated annual capacity of 225,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of clean, renewable energy.

That’s enough to more than offset the energy currently delivered on an annualized basis to customers of the Electrify America charging network. Construction of Solar Glow 1 will begin later this year with the facility expected to become operational in the summer of 2023.

In becoming the largest open network in North America to enter into a VPPA, Electrify America will be supporting the key sustainability goal of “additionality,” meaning that this arrangement would result in new, additional renewable energy generation. Electrify America is purchasing and retiring all bundled environmental certificates associated with the new solar project over a 15-year period, shifting away from the business-as-usual approach of buying environmental certificates from a third-party supplier on an unbundled basis, which does less to support additional renewable energy generation.

* VPPA - Virtual Power Purchase Agreement is one acronym I think we’ll see a lot of in the future going forward. I am typing it here as a reminder because I’m on Day 4 of COVID and the fog hasn’t quite lifted.

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A short history of Electrify America. So I guess as a subsidiary of $VWAGY you have to buy VW stock to get benefits of what is to come from Electrify America?