A big battery storage system gets even bigger

January 25, 2022

Plans to nearly double the output and capacity of the world’s biggest battery energy storage system (BESS) project to date have been announced by its owner, Vistra Energy.

The Texas-headquartered integrated utility and power generation company said it wants to add another 350MW/1,400MWh BESS to the Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility in California’s Monterey Bay.

The existing facility is 400MW/1,600MWh and was brought online in two phases, with the most recent 100MW/400MWh Phase II commissioned in August 2021. Phase I’s 300MW/1,200MWh of batteries went online at the end of 2020, although in September they were temporarily taken offline after overheating in some battery modules had been detected. Phase II remained operational at that time.