A new pitch deck from Disney and TTD

“A new pitch deck from Disney and The Trade Desk advises media buyers to change how they plan around live TV like sports”

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Disney executives touted the reach of its newly unified ad sales portfolio, which brings together brands like ABC, ESPN, Freeform, FX, and National Geographic, in an advertiser event with ad-tech firm The Trade Desk in New York in August.

The legacy media giant said it can offer diverse audiences at an alluring scale.

It also suggested its ad sales platform, across linear TV and digital, reaches more people each month than either Google or Facebook.

The event centered on the challenges of buying and selling advertising in live events programmatically, and promoted new tools from The Trade Desk to manage those issues.



Sounds like it could be pretty big, as Disney jumps into the deep end of connected TV.

I have long thought that Netflix’s insistence on not pursuing and ad-supported tier was something that won’t ultimately be sustainable in the long-term.

long TTD, no position in DIS nor NFLX but more likely to look into going long DIS and short NFLX from here

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Here’s Green’s remarks regarding Disney

Fantastic. So as you know, Disney has been so aggressive in the last 18 months and it is actually so exciting to watch. A few years ago I was really touting between the forward thinking of AT&T and I feel just so excited by what Disney is doing as a partner and as a consumer as well. I think the new bundle they have coming out with Disney Plus and ESPN Plus and Hulu Plus for ads is really great. And I think it’s going to be successful. But in about that same time about 18 months ago, they approached us and we just started working together. We learned something in those discussions, which is that more than 50% of the views that they’re getting on their content is coming from connected devices. And they wanted to figure out a better way to monetize that.

As somebody who’s watched them for a long time as an investor in their business, I’ve watched them try to figure out what happens – what do you do with ESPN in a world where cord cutting is happening and especially with just the business model that they have for ESPN, say a decade ago compared with today. It’s actually why I am so excited about this partnership because, one, we anticipate getting access to a significant amount of inventory as they become more digital, but also I think programmatic is better suited for live events than any other way of monetizing.

If you think about it, when a game goes into extra innings, it’s not really conducive to planning months in advance as to how many ads you’re going to see. And most advertisers are not going to spend a bunch of time thinking about, well, what if it goes into 13 innings [Technical Difficulty]. instead you make your plan and then often what those companies have had to do in the past is give away those ads, the extra innings for free. And so instead what they can do is in real-time check what demand is out there, and also make certain that, that those ads are relevant and not overly repetitive like they often are in those situations.

So, you make more money, make a better user experience. It’s really critical when more and more of the views are coming online. And the only way to support that content with the optimal user experience of today is to welcome programmatic demand, so that you get higher CPMs on each of those ad views. And it’s the reason why I think us and Disney are strategically sort of stuck with each other. I mean, we have a fantastic partnership. It’s not because we don’t love working with each other. We absolutely love working with them, but it is strategically obvious that product, live content and the amazing offering that they have is going to continue to grow together. And our great partnership with Hulu, I think it’s just indicative of what’s to come. So, a lot of bullishness on our partnership with Disney.

All of Disney + Amazon FireTV coming online later this year. That should open up a lot of CTV inventory on TTD platform. Probably way to early to rule out that the best is yet to come for TTD.