A New Record – Our Heroes of the Month

A New Record – Our Heroes of the Month

In May, there were NINETEEN Motley Fool Posts of the Day. Our single board, of all the boards in the MF universe, garnered an amazing SIX of them (over 31% of all the Posts of the Day). If you think about it, that’s really astounding. And that’s after getting four in April and five in March. You guys are doing great!

Congratulations to this month’s heroes, who were:

Andy (buynholdisdead) – The Case for Infinera
LongTomCorrigan – It’s Okay to Invest Differently
Imuafool – QCOM: Disruptive Solution?
Anirban (CMFgoLong) – CRTO Q1 2015 Analysis
Anirban (CMFgoLong) – Criteo S.A. Analysis
Anirban (CMFgoLong) – INBK Q1 2015 Earnings Analysis

And special congratulations to Anirban, who won three of them in a month!