A reflection about our stocks

The last three days illustrated a point nicely: Our stocks are growth stocks, and when there is a panic they tend to drop marginally more than flatlining companies, as they did on Friday and Monday. But when the stocks bounce upwards, as they did yesterday, they tend to bounce MUCH further than the flatliners. And as stocks rise more than they fall over time, that’s how we make our money. Yesterday the Russell was up 1.62% and the S&P was up 1.78%, but my portfolio bounced 3.83%. That’s a BIG difference! Some big gainers were:

Mitek up 6.8%
SolarEdge up 6.8%
Signature Bank up 5.7%
Shopify up 5.1%
Silver Spring up 4.7%
LGI Homes 4.1%
Cambrex up 4.0%
Skyworks up 3.9%
Skechers up 3.3%

All in all, though, this continues to be a tough year.



I noticed the same thing Saul…Gratifying!

On the other hand though, as you mention, not a good year (so far)