A reminder

“Saul, I must say that your returns are really impressive! Congrats!
I’m wondering if you have a place where you record all your trades in real time or is it just a list of positions at the end of the month posted on this board. Thanks”

“Indeed, okta cfo quit just one qty on the job, that is really wrong.”

“Thanks Colin, the Forbes article was recent so thought she had taken out a position in May.”

These are just a few, of the many brief and unhelpful posts that appear on Saul’s board with regularity.

There were more, but they have disappeared as Saul and the other moderators have had them removed. This creates massive amounts of work for Saul especially.

This board likely has has THOUSANDS of regular readers and would quickly descend into chaos if even 1% of us made the poor decision to post messages like those that I have highlighted.

Thoughtful posts about individual growth stocks that help all of us invest better are welcome and encouraged.

Best to all,
Assistant board manager