AARP fighting the Chamber of Commerce and Big Pharma

It is amazing to me that the Chamber of Commerce and Big Pharma would be fighting negotiations of drug prices. It’s almost like they want to be able to gouge everyone in the United States while letting other governments negotiate their prices.



Yes, except your mistaken use of the word “wanting” for entities such as “Chamber of Commerce” and “Big Pharma” points to the underlying problem. Wanting in the sense you used it ought be reserved for describing human states of mind, while those entities are NOT inhuman mechanisms made up of human cogs none of whom can be held responsible for anything that the “entity” does.

The “entities” are mechanisms that MUST seek ever higher profits and market advantages for their members, which are also “entities” driven every bit as mechanically for the benefit of no humans whatsoever.

We have arrived here through a long evolution, both legal and cultural, highlighted by SCOTUS decisions but fueled by the collapse of civic morality and solidarity.

Expect more of the same…

david fb


The word “almost” is another mistake.

I do not know how that extra letter got in the quote but it belongs there.