A total of 90 consecutive patients with post-cardiac arrest shock due to AMI were included; 27 patients in the Impella group and 63 patients in the medical treatment group. Patients with Impella support had a longer duration of low-flow time (29.54?±?10.21 versus 17.57?±?8.3?min, p?<?0.001), higher lactate levels on admission (4.75 [IQR 3.8-11] versus 3.6 [IQR 2.6-3.9] mmol/L, p?=?0.03) and lower baseline systolic LVEF (25% [IQR 25-35] versus 45% [IQR 35-51.25], p?<?0.001) as compared to patients without circulatory support. After propensity score matching, patients with Impella support had a significantly higher survival to hospital discharge (65% versus 20%, p?=?0.01) and 6-months survival (60% versus 20%, p?=?0.02).


I use the Impella all the time but I’ve never invested in ABMD. Probably high time I did because we’ve seen it’s use quadruple in the last 12 months at our institution.



Rev 544m

Growth 31%

Cap 13b

Eps 2

Doesn’t appear 2 b a bargain

Is there a stock covered on this board that’s a bargain?



Micron has mid single digit P/E and LGIH has a P/E only just into single digits.

On a PEG basis FaceBook, Ali BABA, FIVE, INBK and UBNT aren’t too bad and Arista and Nvidia aren’t insane

On an overall basis Blackstone and KKR are still bargains in my mind but admittedly they aren’t board wide positions even though I have been covering them for a year.

ABMD is very expensive both on a PE and PEG basis but has a low risk and highly consistent growth record and a large unpenetrated TAM that affords it a certain premium in my mind. For me the most frustrating issue with Abiomed is that its usage is restricted to about 10% of the world’s population (US, Germany & JP). I can’t get why they are not able to penetrate the rest of Europe for a start.