Adam Jonas

“Think of the EV race as a marathon,” he writes. “Tesla is in the lead at mile number 21. Everybody else is at mile 2 or still tying their shoes.” What’s more, Jonas believes recent deliveries show Tesla is getting stronger as the marathon wears on.


Jonas is right. The hundreds of new models coming out are a validation of EVs as transportation but they won’t be competing with Tesla, they will be competing against each other and very few will ever get to Tesla’s volume, production efficiency, and economies of scale.

Even more important is battery production. As far as I know only BYD and Tesla make their own batteries and batteries are at the core not just of EVs but of the whole renewable energy paradigm shift. Without storage intermittent wind and solar don’t have a chance.

Do you know what killed EVs last century, the starter motor! Batteries will kill fossil fuels as the principal source of energy.

Denny Schlesinger