Southwest Cities Learn to Thrive Amid Drought…
Water officials in San Diego, though, say they are not worried. “We have sufficient supplies now and in the future,” said Sandra Kerl, general manager of the San Diego Water Authority. “We recently did a stress test, and we are good until 2045” and even beyond.

San Diego is not alone. While the public image may be that booming southwestern cities such as San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Albuquerque are on the verge of a climate apocalypse, many experts agree that these metropolitan areas have enough of a water cushion to not only survive, but continue to grow into the surrounding desert for the foreseeable future, even during the worst drought in 1,200 years.



Yes, but not while using water as they have with lawns and non recycling car washes and etc etc etc. And of course, many industrial processes as well as the above habits will have to be severely limited or outlawed. Combined with reusing sewage water and doing a much better job of storing excess water into aquifers will keep urban areas growing and weirdly happy.

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Southwest Cities Learn to Thrive Amid Drought

Emergency water plant in London unusable despite drought risk…
A £250m desalination plant launched 12 years ago to increase drinking supplies during long dry spells has been put on hold…The Thames Water plant at Beckton, east London, opened in 2010 with plans to supply up to 1 million people during emergencies, but that ambition has been scaled back amid doubts as to when the facility can begin operating…

The company told the paper it had downgraded the estimated supply from the plant by a third. A spokesperson said: “This adjustment was made on the basis of experience and to avoid creating unrealistic expectations about the output that could be achieved over a sustained period.”

He added that “planned work” had to be completed before the plant could begin operating. It means that even if a drought is declared in the Thames region, the plant will not operate.