Added tickers stuck in "pending"

I notice on my caps page that the last 18 tickers I have added are all stuck in “pending” for some reason. Everything since 10-10-2023 it looks like. Is it waiting for something?


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I wonder if this might be a time zone issue. Nothing I pick or end within 3 hours of the close ever executes until the next day.

I have been adding tickers for weeks and they are all in “pending”. I added a couple more yesterday and today. Now up to 24 “pending”

It seems to have stopped working after Oct 10th

@HDTVBG So what else can I do? My picks are all still stuck and I am missing out on the points.

There seems to be only one IT guy at Fool who cares enough to even look at this forum, try sending a message to @MonkeyOnAGoat - he has helped me several times. Bottom line is that CAPS is not a profit center and the code is ancient and failing. Good luck to you.

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I will look into it.

@marcuspe, it appears that you currently have the maximum number (200) of Picks open, or pending close.

You would need to close some older Picks in order for newer Picks to get opened.

ok, thanks @SWRider ! I had no idea there was a limit