Adored TV Rips Radeon

Adored does a great job in this video pointing out that AMD has decided not to pursue the gaming market even though if they had wanted to throw power at RDNA3 they could have blown the 4090 out of the water. So basically Radeon has surrendered to NVIDIA.

The detail is quite interesting and it is worth watching. Here was my comment posted on the video.

Not defending AMDs decision which you so accurately spotted and described. Just wondering if there is a method to the madness or to use a better word, a strategy.

Limitations (funds, man power, time, wafer and substrate supplies etc…) force strategic choices.

If we step back we see AMD focusing on the data center. Choosing not to compete in Gaming GPUs or even so strongly in desktop but continuing to invest in the technology to (as Adored pointed out) stay ahead of Nvidia but not do anything with it.

As an AMD investor I’m ok with that. I see the longer term play and why the focus needs to be the data center.

As a gammer I am bummed and would like to see more competition in the gaming gpu segment.

Overall, I get it. If AMD continues to focus on thrashing Intel in the server market. Every year they grow, they reduce their limitations. Eventually the limitations that are forcing them to focus on one market segment while continuing to advance but not capitalize on there technology in the other segments will change.

I look forward to that day.