AFOP Financials from TMFRP

I really appreciate the discussions and resources on AFOP by Saul, TMFPencils, and others.  
I always value TMFRP's financial summaries, with the key company financials all in one place.  

RP was kind enough to do this for us (on the rule breakers new stock ideas board):  

AFOP - Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Inc.            Price          11.55          Div Yield       1.1%             EV/EPS       28.6           17-Feb-14
Technology - Semiconductors                           Net Cash        2.44          FCF Yield       8.3%          EV/EBITDA       21.5               6.3.1
                                                         TTM PE         12           Pr/Sales        3.2           EV/Sales        5.0
                                                      EPS Yield       8.3%              P/FCF       12.0             EV/FCF       18.8