After short attack: Icahn Partners (IEP)

Icahn Partners (IEP) units have taken a beating after a short seller Hindenburg article with unit price falling almost 40% in the last few days.
Since entities related to Carl Icahn own a majority of IEP’s units, (edit), Carl Icahn has taken a nasty beating. On a relative basis, my IEP decline was in the thousands, not billions.

Icahn short sellers reap only a fraction of billionaire’s stock drop | The Star

With IEP announcing its $2 distribution early (announced today (05/04)), there should be some support for IEP price the next few days. Maybe?

IEP is a major holding for me. Took the opportunity to add during this short attack.


Happy Cinco de Mayo Carl
You recovered probably a couple billion, I recovered a couple of thousand :slight_smile:

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Update on this thread

Carl steps in –
Icahn Enterprises stock surges after founder untangles loans from share price: Report (

Nice way for a significant holding to start the week