Afterpay's quest to be a global platform.

I know a growing number of us own shares in Afterpay. Here is a great article from the Australian Financial Review :…


“Afterpay said last week it has 3.1 million active customers and is attracting 7500 new users every day.”

"Afterpay is also building up high-profile fans overseas. It launched in the US in May and soon attracted the interest of socialite Kim Kardashian. In November she tweeted to her almost 60 million followers that Afterpay had been added to her sites “to make purchasing easier”.

While Afterpay faces competition in the US from other instalment plans such as QuadPay, Affirm, Uplift, and Klarna, US fashion magazine Glamour wrote this week that “Afterpay is quickly becoming the most popular”.

Afterpay said last week it had acquired 650,000 customers in the US over the six months to December and it was used for $260 million of sales, a level that took 28 months to achieve in Australia. Its global platform ambitions extend to Europe. It recently hired the former head of competitor PayPal in the UK to run its operations there."

“Afterpay is becoming ubiquitous in the market,” says Paul Tinkler, the Australian managing director of Lululemon, a retailer of yoga gear. “Providing it has gone from being an advantage to an expectation.”

“Could you imagine running a fashion store without being able to take Visa or Mastercard?” says Russell Zimmerman, executive director of the Australian Retailers Association. “Afterpay has got to the same proportion for retailers.”


Hi fc,

As this is a US based board and some issues already identified previously here, I do not think lots of members here will hold this stock.

I would like to get some ground information here. Afterpay is expanding and especially in US. If possible, can you provide us some info based on your own experience of payment methods you used.
Afterpay’s medium customers age is 33 years old and likely females. We were told the expansion in US is much quicker than in Australia. The sales achieved in US in 8 months equals to 2.5 years in Australia.

I own Afterpay in my portfolio and weights more than AYX, TWLO and ZS.

I learnt a lot from this board especially the knowledge base and related articles Saul posted. My son and sister are reading them as well. The most important things here I learnt is the mindset and the way people here especially Saul to approach the equity investment in the ever-changing world we are living. As some members commented before, it is a life changing experience for us.

I am based in Australia and have software development background, and will try to contribute more on the board in the new year.

Thank you all here for your contributions and especially Saul for your dedication, selflessness, and focused approach to stock selections.


If possible, can you provide us some info based on your own experience of payment methods you used.

Hi Will, I have never used Afterpay and no doubt never will. I think they are interesting because it is founder led, and it’s goal of becoming a global platform.

From the article : “People have looked at us and said ‘It’s all about the payment’, but that’s just a product, that’s the small game,”…“The big game, and what we have always been building towards, is the utility of the platform,” Hancock says. It is quite clear the bigger value for our stakeholders, including shareholders, is connecting merchants and customers together."

Afterpay is just a small “starter” 1.5% position for me.

Hi FC, I bought Afterpay in 2017. And still holding it. It’s a growth company though not SaaS.
From last week’s business updates:

Underlying sales in 1H FY19 was over $2.2 billion, up from $918 million in 1H FY18 (up 140%),
with December 2018 the largest ever month on record for Afterpay

Hopefully we will see the same growth ahead while Afterpay expands into US and UK.

Nothing comes up on Stockcharts re Afterpay. Does it trade in the US?

Only trade in ASX which is Australia Stock Exchange. However most of the brokers in US such as IB offer this stock to buy and sell.

Afterpay is a large position for me. The growth is simply astonishing, as is the TAM. The biggest risks are probably (i) regulation as a financial company and (ii) credit risk.

The first risk, which has primarily been a concern in Australia to date, seems to be diminished by recent developments:…

If the above link does not work, you can go to MF Australia public pages and search for afterpay to find the above and other relevant articles.

I have not seen any discussion of the first risk in other, non-Australian markets.

The second risk remains, and IMO must be monitored carefully as APT moves into new and, to it, unfamiliar markets, such as the US and England.



For those who don’t have a registration or subscription here’s another access point for the articles and more……



I know Yahoo! finance page is not always most accurate but FWIW… Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy) 278.60%.

But if you look Balance Sheet:
Total Cash (mrq) 25.46M
Total Debt (mrq) 161.60M

I would be worried a bit.

Hi PDXFool23, due to the nature of afterpay’s business, it has a net receivables of $239m.

For those who adopted this stock, Afterpay just popped over 18% in Australia :slight_smile:

Did some looking around:…

The AfterPay Touch Group Ltd (ASX: APT) share price is up 14% to $19.61 this morning after news out of a government inquiry suggested the buy-now-pay-later consumer credit provider will avoid any tough new regulations.

There were fears among some shareholders that AfterPay would be forced to undertake onerous new credit or identity verification checks on its existing and new customers that could have sent costs through the roof.

However, various news outlets are reporting that the Senate committee will not recommend that AfterPay is covered as a reporting entity under legislation designed to ensure designated credit providers stringently assess the ability of customers to pay debt back.