AI, artistic "expression?" and $$$

Can an AI express? or can it only imitate and trend chase?

The oracle, Maynard G Krebs, weighs in from 60 years ago…

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Isn’t imitating and trend chasing what most of the media does today? How many variations of “CSI” and “NCIS” have been broadcast over the years? How many “Star Wars” movies? I enjoyed the reboot “Hawaii Five-O”, but one ep was a straight up remake of the pilot for the original “Five-O”, “Cocoon”.

They are even remaking songs now. Remember this Billy Joel song, from 1989?

I started hearing that song at Arby’s last year, except the historical references were different. It’s a remake.

And people in entertainment call themselves “creative”?



Yep, every time I hear the remake, it rankles me somewhat. The original was just so good that they really shouldn’t have messed with it.

There is a stage production making the rounds now “The Odd Couple”, but changed to be all about women.

In 1985, Neil Simon revised The Odd Couple for a female cast. The Female Odd Couple was based on the same story line and same lead characters, now called Florence Ungar and Olive Madison. The poker game became Trivial Pursuit with their friends becoming the girlfriends: Mikey, Sylvie, Vera, and Renee. The English-born Pigeon sisters became the Spanish-born Costazuela brothers, Manolo and Jesus.

AI does not know but it can shell out a poorer line of bull.

Heard two nights ago from a waiter who is attending UCONN that twelve of his classmates were expelled for turning in AI reports. These were seniors who had spent over $100k if they were instate. No degree.

There is no hiding AI. It sucks. AI art has a certain low pixel quality. There is no sharpness.

The ChatGPT is a third rate writer that does not know the topic. I tried it the other day. I asked about modern Irish history with a twist. I got blurred crap. It did not know what year it was in. Things were written without substance without events without cause.