Ai Power Demand

AI data centers alone are expected to add about 323 terawatt hours of electricity demand in the U.S. by 2030, according to Wells Fargo. The forecast power demand from AI alone is seven times greater than New York City’s current annual electricity consumption of 48 terawatt hours. Goldman Sachs projects that data centers will represent 8% of total U.S. electricity consumption by the end of the decade.,consumption%20of%2048%20terawatt%20hours.


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That may get trimmed.

I just chatted with Macy’s about a coupon code. No AI chatbot.

I am sure Macys has tried AI. But Macys wants to have customers.

See a fly in the ointment?

Human beings move away from interacting with AI.

While many folks will put up with AI, many folks do not like unresponsive chatbots.

It is not going to get much better.

We won’t go after SM again to stop the lies. Everyone knows what a lie is. The folks that lie along with AI know it is a lie. That said Meta has to pay to broadcast those lies. Meta might want to skip the bill.

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AI is much much more than just a chatbot. It isn’t going to go away anymore than the internet went away or self served lines at Home Depot went away. It is going to make people more productive with fewer people to do the job so all companies will want to use it if they can.



Bye-bye Managent !! Next up: The BOD…

True it is more than a chatbot.
True it won’t go away.
It is not making things more productive. The energy costs alone make that statement false.
It does not mean fewer people. That will prove to be wrong.

As an artist, there are perhaps ten million of us in the US. The talk is millions of us won’t work. That is not true. All of us work. That does not mean any of us sell much. We never did. That does not mean artists who use AI make more money. And as I am saying human beings move away from interacting with AI.

I am sure Macy’s bought into AI less than a year ago. They no longer use any AI in their call center. Do you want customers? Then you can not use AI.

Yes AI will get better. Yes AI will appear differently. Makes little to no difference. The assumption is wild that it would make a difference.

A fool and his money are easily parted. At least Macy’s knew at some point to dump AI. The service I received was excellent. The human being did not understand something. I cleared it up as only two human beings can. AI just gives you written columns on how to do it online. No one wants any of those responses.

This video is actually funny. The video on AI is six years old. Yep AI before there was AI.

The chatbot does not look that way or respond that way today. That is not because AI is better now. This video can not even get the date correct.

This is tech sales. Yep, one line of crap after another.

So it is not the nonexistent AI from Microsoft six years ago.

Instead, it is IBM. The tech salesmen never stop shoveling.

So before Mr. Softie 8 years ago it was IBM.

Take note of this warning…

So your thesis is that since Macy’s no longer uses AI nobody else will? Let me tell you Sears no longer uses Ai either. So now we have two stalwarts that no longer use AI. This alone makes me rethink my thesis on AI.


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How did the person clear it up?

Them: Do you have the order number?
Me yes xyz
Me abc
Them I assigned it
Me first was the first order number, the next was the second one.
Them oh I understand. I have it right now.

AI can not follow the class issues in that. Only human beings can.

Unsolved Problems in AI - AI Forum)-,Text%20understanding,in%20the%20text%2C%20is%20required.

Text understanding

Text understanding is an unsolved problem. There has been remarkable progress in the area of question answering, but current systems still fail when common-sense world knowledge, beyond that provided in the text, is required.

More recent from Grammarly which shows a lack of text comprehension.

Can AI summarize a text?

AI document summarization: Books, articles, emails, etc.

Instead, you can use AI to summarize both primary sources and secondary sources to reveal if they fit your research topic. You still need to read the final sources to find the key information (summaries don’t typically cover those details).Feb 21, 2024

AI is electrocuting GAIA!

We must ban AI to save Mother Gaia!!!

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A Bloomberg study out last month found that the increased power demand has increased the cost of getting to net zero by 19%, an extra $34 trillion.


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I just wonder how much a lift this all will give solar panels. If everyone starts fighting over electricity it might be time to put some solar panels on my roof.



Catching free power from the nuclear power plant in the sky is a great idea specially if it is economically viable. You need batteries as well, not just the solar panels. If you can be part of a VPP it just may pay for itself. Do the numbers, compare the cost vs. a diesel generator.

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It’s not even close to breakeven right now. I run the numbers every few months. It was close in CA about two years ago, but then they passed some legislation to make it less so. And sure enough home solar installations in CA dropped dramatically. Seems like when it comes to large investments like solar, people are more or less rational about it. Most (maybe all) states don’t allow you to truly be a VPP in a profitable manner.


If I’m not mistaken, rates are set based on cost plus profit (that’s how Ma Bell’s rates were set) which means that it pays for utilities not to be cost effective. Cheap VPPs upset the setup.

Regulators protecting utilities, government-granted monopolies. :imp:

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You have the rates and how they are set right.

But this part is not correct. You would think that would be the way it would work but the Politics make that shaky. If they get members on the PUC that do not like the utilities then they can have problems getting their rates up. Some utilities might be in favor while others are not. Growth also has a lot to do with it. If the area is growing fast than it’s easier to get rate increases through but if they are not it is harder. If the regulators were always on the side of the monopolies, like they used to be, all the utility jobs would be highly paid and that isn’t the truth any longer. Now if you want to see what a non regulated utility does and how much that pay goes up watch the police and fire departments. There is where the fat is. :cowboy_hat_face:



Sorry but I don’t have access to police and fire departments so I don’t get it.

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Lets see how co-pilot summarizes your post

Certainly! Let’s break down the context and address the different aspects:

  1. Clearing Up the Situation: In the conversation snippet you provided, it seems like the person was discussing order numbers. They initially mentioned two order numbers: “xyz” and “abc.” The other party assigned one of these order numbers. The person clarified that the first order number was for the initial order, and the second one was for a subsequent order. The response from the other party indicates understanding.
  2. AI and Text Understanding: You’ve raised an interesting point about AI’s limitations in understanding context and class issues. Indeed, text understanding remains an unsolved problem in the field of artificial intelligence. [While there has been significant progress in question answering, current systems often struggle when common-sense world knowledge beyond the explicit text is required]
  3. Document Summarization: Regarding summarizing text, AI can indeed assist by summarizing both primary and secondary sources. [However, it’s essential to recognize that summaries may not cover all details, and reading the final sources remains necessary to extract key information]

In summary, while AI has made strides, understanding context and extracting nuanced meaning from text still pose challenges. Human comprehension, with its ability to consider context, emotions, and cultural nuances, remains unparalleled. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask!

Mike (with AI help)

Everybody in the States has access to the stats. It’s published how much pay, incentives, and retirement each public employee earns.



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Too verbose just ask a human to save time and money.