Air Canada judged to be accountable for its chatbots

… but great Kudos to its corporate lawyer (lawbots??) team who successfully raised the already-high bar for the most ridiculous legal argument ever made:

… According to Air Canada, Moffatt never should have trusted the chatbot and the airline should not be liable for the chatbot’s misleading information because Air Canada essentially argued that “the chatbot is a separate legal entity that is responsible for its own actions,” a court order said. …

Tribunal member Christopher Rivers, who decided the case in favor of Moffatt, called Air Canada’s defense “remarkable.” “Air Canada argues it cannot be held liable for information provided by one of its agents, servants, or representatives—including a chatbot,” Rivers wrote.


Hmmm they should have argued that in the United States. I am sure the courts here would see chatbots as “persons” with all the legal entrapments that go along with that.



Bingo, JCs would no longer have a need for human rogue underlings!