Ajit’s Cousin, Anshu CEO Deutsche Bank Die

Young man, only 59. Like Ajit an amazing personal story. Earned his MBA at a public school, UMass.

Worked at several firms including Merrill. Definitely had his priorities in order and sounds like a wonderful family man, worker,and leader. A beautiful Indian born family that brought so much to America.

Long battle with cancer. RIP Anshu Jain.


Terribly sad. Cancer is terrible.

I recently had my blood checked using the company below:


Grail is a test that scans for 50 different cancers. Obviously goal is to catch anything early. One case study they show is catching pancreatic cancer at Stage 2. That never happens.

Leading edge stuff.


Corrected story re Anshu Jain:


Ajit and Anshuman are not related.

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I know Anshu well but had not been in touch with him since I left the industry. We were at Merrill and Deutsche together. He was a relationship person who started out as a sell-side broker to hedge funds. Hitched his career to Edson Mitchell’s (who sadly died in a plane crash in his prime) when Edson took a team from Merrill to Deutsche. Anshu turned out well. Rajeev Misra of Softbank Vision Fund used to be one of his close lieutenants. Quite an exciting time to reminisce on.

RIP, Anshu.