AJM101 - interesting topic

For example, MDB is definitely not as sticky as you all think, and I say that as someone that has removed Mongo from an application.

Now that gets to the substance of an investment thesis. I have said all along who cares for most people that MDB is free. MDB cares less. What MDB is selling to is enterprises. Only enterprises will pay big bucks, and in the enterprise they will put mission critical functions and applications and databases on MDB, which will become sticky. Not Oracle sticky, but sticky enough.

As an example, what are the chances that Fortnite decides to switch over to Cassandra? That Cisco changes its eCommerce site away from Mongo to AWS’s offering?

That Citibank stop all the work they have done with Mongo and say go with this other modern general database (despite the fact everything they have put on a modern general purpose database is Mongo - and the whole staff understands Mongo, and it is far easier to recruit hard to get get talent with Mongo because it is the most used program, and that no other NoSQL has the full feature functions of Mongo, nor is it adding features and improving as Mongo is {how many NoSQL databases have ACID, Plus mobile, plus pipeline aggregation, plus Stitch equivalent, plus regional location capabilities, all built in?)

As such, what specific application did you switch away from Mongo? Why did you switch it? How mission critical was this application? How big and complex was that application? And how much money was Mongo making from your use of Mongo go make that application?

Serious question, and also above are serious elements, if any are in error, we indeed will appreciate the discussion. That is what we are here for. Not conclusory statements that “I personally switch an application and therefore it is not that sticky”," but rather what are the details so we can understand your one experience and see if we can translate it to the entirety of the investment thesis.

Sincerely, thank you for this discussion if we can have it. It will be appreciated. And there is no right or wrong, winner or loser here. Just trying to understand your statement better AJM as it relates to the investment.

Again, thanks ahead of time.




I agree with your post…for the most part. Yes, ultimately, enterprises running critical functions w/Mongo DB is what matters


during this presentation on Sep 5th, their leadership outlined the key to their strategy being winning the mind share and loyalty of individual developers. This is similar to what Alteryx is accomplishing with their community, and even how Github became so popular (and successful) https://www.veracast.com/webcasts/citigroup/technology2018/5…

So, while I agree, that the critical enterprise applications are most important, individual developer opinions are HUGE for MDB.