All Tech can be disrupted

Hilarious but makes a point, regarding DOCU, a former Saul board darling. Tinker also, if I recall. I don’t think I ever bought in hard on their moat.



Apple is the great follower. They see some other companies great thing, and they re-invision it with a better interface…

Tech companies must keep investing in R&D… they need to keep improving their existing products and adding new products.

And, by the way, deflation is the way of the world with tech. Bananas will go up in price over time. Those fancy televisions will just go down.

Patents are a temporary moat… But, other companies may find a way around.


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I wouldn’t want to bring this one into court though. Probably fine for some things but not legal agreements. eSignatures may be a dime a dozen but, as a former contract manager, I needed audit trails… they don’t all provide that.

(see, I didn’t really mute you)