Alteryx and UiPath Partner to Accelerate Digital

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Together, UiPath and Alteryx offer a solution that empowers business leaders, analysts, data scientists and data engineers to increase operational efficiency and automate time-to-insight, bringing together the benefits of APA and RPA to drive faster business outcomes.…

I think this is a great opportunity for AYX to build them back up to where they were 2 weeks ago. One of their issues is the time it takes to analyze data and compile the information into meaningful information for companies to make important decisions about where they are going in their line of business.

I am interested in hearing others opinion on what this partnership will do to AYX.

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There was a Q&A in the AYX CC last week about UiPath and AYX

- Bhavan Suri

When you think about sort of the automation piece here. You think about RPA . And you think about hey I’m going to connect a bunch of things and there’s one-time use case and there’s multiple time sort of reiterating that integration. How do you think as to where RPA fits in next to you guys? Or is that sort of a totally separate space? But it feels like RPA hasn’t really adapted to analytics much. But it feels like it could be a good fit here synergistically just trying to think through that process. Thank you.

- Dean Stoecker

Great, question. I think that the corollary of RPA to the automation continuum is similar to visualization to the analytic continuum. The automation vendors are I think really important for organizations around the world to understand the impact that automation can have and for us. We actually tend to automate more sophisticated complex processes. The partnership we have formed with UiPath is really very nice. They’ve built some capabilities that allow you to execute bots in Alteryx as part of an analytic pipeline. Both at the front of the pipeline, to go get some data let’s say and at the end to go, do another activity. And so there will be some joint activity with UiPath to probably see some analysis here. We’re excited about the RPA space that opens up the aperture around the third leg of APA and that is a focus on automation.