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BTW, AYX at under $65 is a robbery.


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We are growing really fast, but with just a low-single-digit penetration of any of the customers we sell to.
The typical new customer comes to us thorough a 14-day trial, and it lands in 45 days at typically $10 to $11 thousand [purchase]. Expansion happens right away from there,

The peak expansion is really four to six quarters out from there. With the focus on digital transformations, we are seeing expansions happening bigger and faster.

The chief data officers not going to wait for an analyst to make a choice, they are going to identify their incumbent inventory and problems they have to solve, and typically go all in after a trial. This last quarter, we reported a doubling of our million-plus accounts, and a tripling of our $500,000-plus accounts.
We determined with that IDC study that 64% of analysts around the world need no less than five and at least fifteen different data sets for any outcome. For analytics to be efficient, you would need all those data sets to be in the cloud, and that’s not going to happen for a very, very long time.

“We already are seeing the early stages of a massive consolidation in the data analytics space,” he avers. “You saw Qlik bought Attunity, and just a couple a months ago, they bought Crunch Data. So there’s a lot of people on all the Magic Quadrants that aren’t going to make it.”

Alteryx shifted to the ASC 606 accounting method, which recognizes some revenue and some expense numbers up-front that would in past have been spread out over a period.
The immediate result is that last year’s revenue of $204 million became $254 million under the new rule.


A couple weeks ago I had several concerns about AYX, enough so that I ended up selling all my shares before earnings.

Well, their quarter was excellent, most of my concerns were unfounded, and I was wrong.

So I am adding back into AYX, lucky for me the price is much better now than when I sold.

The one concern I still have is their poor glassdoor rating, much lower for employees recommending the company, CEO rating, etc than other tech companies.

Most bad review discuss a culture problem.

I’m not sure if this will hinder them from getting the best people when they hire, if they could lose good employees, or if it’s a non issue.



From the article Mauser96 posted,

The AYX CEO said they think they can get to $1 billion in revenue in 2021.

From $250 million now, that is a growth rate of about 58% for 3 years.

The CEO just said he thinks AYX will GROW REVENUE 58% FOR THE NEXT 3 YEARS.

Wow. bold statement.