Amazon Music Unlimited

I think a few here own Amazon. I put this post on some of the Amazon boards of the paid services.

The other day when AWS went down, I lost music on my Amazon Echo. When I saw AWS was back up, the music still wouldn’t play. I called Amazon and I was told just to wait and the music should be back within a few hours.

I waited and waited and still, no music.

I called again to Amazon and the simple suggestion was to power reboot the Echo and the Dot. I did so and voila, music was back.


The next day, I received an email saying something like welcome back to Amazon Music Unlimited.

Hmm, I’ve never signed up for this.

I called Amazon again and it took awhile, but I was then told I had been given one free month of Amazon Music Unlimited. However, at the end of the month I’d have to cancel or I would get charged for the next month.

I appreciated the free month, but I didn’t like being signed up where if I didn’t cancel, I’d get charged. I told the customer service person such.

Today, another email arrived. This one thanked me for being a valued Amazon Music patron and so they were giving me 6 months free of Amazon Music Unlimited. The cool thing is, at the end of 6 months, unless I sign up for Unlimited, they will automatically revert me back to the basic Amazon Music service.

Thank you, Amazon.

Fool on,




But it seems like if you hadn’t complained, and maybe didn’t even notice, you would have ended up paying for a subscription for something you never asked for.