Amazon Rapid Growth Stock

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I please wondered i know when conducting realistic valuations on a stock like Amazon, Total Enterprise Value and even a Discounted Cash Flow Analysis would not be helpful as most likely it would always show as overvalued.

I please wondered if you had hopes after alot of research that Amazon would grow Revenue each year, would this hopefully help increase the share price please if it met these targets? Lastly do growth investors not rely on a Margin of Safety please as it appears no calculations would be relatively helpful for determining if the stock is undervalued? Further could comparing the price-to-sales (P/S) be helpful comparing it to competitors to determine if Amazon stock is fairly priced please? If anyone kindly had any advice on these areas i would be forever grateful and thankful, it would be highly appreciated and mean the world to me.

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Hello you wonderful and very intelligent individuals that make up this forum. I am very sorry to follow-up on this, however if anyone kindly had any thoughts on this, even if it was just a few sentences it would mean the world to me. Thank you so very much and very best wishes to you as always. Hope you find happiness in everyday.

Story stocks always appear to be overvalued. If you believe the story, you buy, if not, you don’t buy. Sometimes they grow and grow and grow yet always remain overvalued. Karen Finerman from the show Fast Money has commented about this periodically regarding Amazon.

Robert, did you read the book I recommended to you on another thread?