AMN and 1yrPEG

First, a thanks to Othalon for posting about the 1yrPEG tool. Was a good kick in the butt to visit and check out some favorites. These Google Sheets for 1yrPEG are truly a Motley tool. I noticed the AMN entries were out of date and the eps entries seemed off. I was reluctant to make changes but since the stock symbol was still AHS, I figured it was somewhat abandoned and went ahead with changes. One purpose of this post is to announce these changes, which included changing from GAAP earnings to AMN’s “adjusted earnings per share”. These changes made some difference as there was a quarter that had way oversized GAAP earnings.
We don’t have “ticker guides” within this board which makes these wonderful spreadsheets even Motlier (sp?) So if anyone has a proprietary interest in the AMN entries, give me a shout. Otherwise I will TRY to maintain the currency of this company.
It seems that as the Saul’s Investing Discussions community has grown that the 1yrPEG has been de-emphasized, and Bert Hochfeld (sp?) has become an important go-to source. That’s fine, but it would be nice to keep the 1yrPEG tool going, as it is, after all, one of the basic concepts of The Method espoused here.

KC, long AMN and pleased with the additional 3.41% price increase yesterday. Inching closer to all-time high. :slight_smile: (So, careful if opening a position, due diligence and all).


Thanks OforFive. One thing I have noticed is that when I first started ready this board a couple of years ago YPEG was a hot topic. There were a lot of post asking questions about how to use YPEG as a screen, how to calculate YPEG, what was a good number, bad number etc.
Now it seems a number of the companies discussed don’t have an E to their name. So no YPEG.
Curious change of events, but I like to stick with companies that actually have an E to try and peg. (small p)


Im more of a lurker here, but im pretty sure i put PAYC on the 1YPEG google sheet almost 2 years ago. I no longer own the stock or keep up the row numbers.

But i do use it often, but i havent changes numbers on it for awhile. Its a great resource imo.


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