An oldie but goodie

This Thanksgiving season seems most appropriate to re-post my thoughts from almost exactly one year ago. A happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you all:

"This subject has been rolling around in my head for several weeks and I’ve finally decided that it is time to share my thoughts in writing.

I’ve been investing for about 40 years now and am dating myself by confessing to subscribing to Louis Rukeyser’s newsletter of Wall Street Week fame many years ago. At times I have wandered in the investment wilderness trying out various investment newsletters but having returns that were no better than the indexes.

When the Motley Fool newsletter was first put out by the Gardner brothers, it was an oasis in the desert for me. But my returns were still only slightly better than my past experience.

Three years ago there was a breakthrough for me that has significantly boosted my returns and my confidence, and began teaching me how to evaluate companies financially. That breakthrough was when I first began reading posts by Saul. He struck me as an independent thinker that did his own research with a simple common sense approach that I have learned to appreciate as the years go by. This approach gave him enough conviction and backbone to take on another board (WPRT) when he challenged conventional thinking about the wisdom of continuing to hold this great story stock. He went through a firestorm of criticisms for his trouble but stuck by his guns…those that listened to this lone voice profited nicely. Those that did not…well, you can see the story for yourself in the charts.

Not only has Saul’s investment analysis style been the best I’ve ever come across after 40 years, but also the most profitable.

Saul then took the next step by setting up his own discussion board, which cast further light on the “secrets” of his investment style. He condensed his years of experience in “Saul’s Investing Discussions”. I was ecstatic. Then the most amazing unselfish thing occurred:


It is a rare thing to see any successful investor be as vulnerable and transparent as to share exactly how and what his latest monthly investment decisions are. That takes a lot of moxie and courage that few in his class are willing to do. No newsletter I’ve ever subscribed to, including MF, has ever been so accountable. Ever. I have come to realize and appreciate how unusual a leader we have on this board.

Take good care of this one because when he is gone, there won’t be another quite like him.

Thank you so much, Saul, for the sacrificial contribution you make to us all on this board. And may you stay in good health for many many years to come.

Still learning after all these years,



Thanks Jim, for your very kind words!

. At times I have wandered in the investment wilderness trying out various investment newsletters but having returns that were no better than the indexes.

I have read investment newsletters over the years. It usually ends up as entertainment if they are good writers. They usually follow the same path. Recommend 5 or 10 stocks a month and then dwell on the one or two that might have gone up and forget the rest. That’s why the results usually aren’t any good.

The difference with Saul is he has presented his portfolio that he put his money into and has given you his track record that he updates monthly. You get the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY. However long term he has had MOSTLY VERY GOOD results. Far better than the newsletter writers who charge you money–Give you a lot of Stocks to pick from and then let you decide to pick your own stocks from the many they tout.

Good luck Happy Thanksgiving



DirllerJim, seldom have truer words been spoken.

Thanks for the kind words, PenguinCafe.