Andrej Karpathy on Intro to Large Language Models

Andrej Karpathy is the former head of AI at Tesla and is now back in academia. He is a greater teacher. With the world transitioning to AI it is good to have a mental image of what AI is. There are two possibilities

  1. Insight
  2. Black box

When I started out as a programmer I was lucky to have an IBM technician colleague willing to answer my multiple questions. Sometimes he would explain how the machine or the feature worked (insight) while at other times he would say, “It’s a black box that outputs X, Y, and Z.” I asked him why he would not give me the detail to which he replied something like, “How it does it is beyond your pay grade, knowing what it does should suffice.” AI for investors it’s the same, an AI Black Box model is sufficient for most. For insight Andrej Karpathy is your go to teacher.

BTW, the last part is about LLM Security which might be of special interest. It starts at minute 45:43

[1hr Talk] Intro to Large Language Models

This is a 1 hour general-audience introduction to Large Language Models: the core technical component behind systems like ChatGPT, Claude, and Bard. What they are, where they are headed, comparisons and analogies to present-day operating systems, and some of the security-related challenges of this new computing paradigm.
As of November 2023 (this field moves fast!).

Denny Schlesinger