Anet drop

Stocktwits scuttlebut is anet lost a litigation round with arch nemesis Cisco. I haven’t had time to research, so consider this a rumor. Maybe a time to add anet.


ITC reversed their earlier decision allowing ANET’s “work-arounds.” This would force ANET to manufacture these goods in America until this is cleared. Having to do so will negatively impact Arista’s margins. That is per the last conference call.

They are prepared to be able to make their product in the USA. However, there were some product shortages/extended lead times last quarter as well.

Disappointing especially this was a reversal. No reason given at least as of yet.

ANET is taking a beating. I may give it a bit of time to see what the price action is like. I’ve been looking to pick up more shares.

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Over the weekend, the US Customs and Border Protection Agency revoked its November 2016 finding that Arista’s supposedly “redesigned” products don’t infringe a key CSCO patent.

Not a rumor according to


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Rob and AJ, thanks for the response.

It looks like multiple federal agencies have some input into this dispute. According to SeekingAlpha, the ITC has more say/sway then the customs people. I added a bit of anet on Tuesday.