ANET retest

ANET has just hit the closing lows of Black Monday. Let’s see if it holds, bounces or continues to crash over next few days. May be a chart-buying opportunity if you still like the company long term. If it closes at the lows for the day, that would be a sign of weakness. Volume is just about at daily average with 1.5 hours of trading left, certainly not a capitulation day. But this is second ugly down day in a row. No particular news.


Yesterday, September 9, Business Finance News reported that Jayshree Ullal, President and CEO, sold 14,280 shares (21.41% of her stake) for $1,050,104 through 4 transactions on September 3 and 4. She now owns 66,680 shares valued at $5,219,710 as of September 8.



For those not living in the Valley, a million buys a VERY modest place in this area. I would hope she already owns a home, but people sell shares for a lot of reasons…

Insider buying is much more relevant.

Long Anet

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Here’s why:…



maybe she sold to buy a little vacation home, or a plane for more convenience travelling around.

or, she new about today’s news and sold just a bit so that it does not look suspicious (just kidding).