Another day, Another Boeing 737 Loses Parts in Flight


My first question wrt that 73 is is the missing panel one that would be removed for maintenance, or was it supposed to be security riveted in place?

Meanwhile, Boeing’s narrative for the 78 that suffered an abrupt loss of altitude, as reported tonight, is that a stewardess may have bumped a switch for the pilot’s seat adjustment, sending the seat forward uncontrollably, forcing the pilot into the yoke, pushing it forward. Boeing also said it had issued a notice about this issue in 2017, but issued it again.


It’s unclear from the article.

The panel found to be missing was on the underside of the aircraft where the wing meets the body and just next to the landing gear, United said.

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From that jagged edge, I’d wager the access door was torn off in flight. Those look like screws rather than rivets. Maybe only half the screws were replaced the last time they opened the panel?



Presumably that means initial reports talking about ‚all gauges went blank‘ were not substantiated.

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All the “gauges” Boeing referenced were in the C-suite. In other words, management “went mentally blank” at once and stayed that way.