Aný Value Hounds left?

I’m wondering if any Hounds made it over to the new boards?



I’m here. Any thoughts on Carmax?

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I’m replying in hopes that it enables me to see further posts about KMX. This is a nightmare. And no, I don’t feel like spending a half-hour learning how to do what I effortlessly for 20 years.

note to computer geniuses: leave things alone.

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Still here. I don’t enjoy using the new boards, but “you get what you pay for”. This is a very disappointing experience.

I don’t think Carvana is going to end up anywhere good, and KMX will benefit from it. I owned it in the past, and purchased it again this year, and I’m considering adding again now. My gut says it’s too early.

I’d want to suggest something else exciting, but I just ran a screen for dividend > .5%, P/E ttm 0-10, and EPS growth > 0% over prior 3 years. And it is not a small list. Not going to win any awards for novelty, but JPM, PFE, and VZ are all inexpensive.


Hi Hounds,

Sorry, I don’t follow KMX - No divi.

Yes, the new site takes some getting used to. But, I can see that my original post has been viewed by 50 folks. So, there would appear to be quite a few lurking Hounds that have made it here.

After the last few years of continually rising prices, it sure is refreshing to see all the values popup in this bear market. Gotta love it.

Tickers that I’m watching closely are: HPQ, UPS, GLW, AVGO, BLK and WSO.

All yield over 3% and have been growing their dividends nicely.


PS: I should mention that I already own some shares of those I mentioned. And, you can now edit posts (which I did for this PS) - that’s a feature that many wanted for years.


The most detailed discussion of Carmax is on the Falling Knives board. Also on Metar.

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My thoughts are avoid KMX in a time when interest rates are rising, used car prices are falling, and a recession is looming.

Oh, and I am so glad these forums have changed. I could not stand the old software. I must be a minority in that opinion.

I think the point of Falling Knives is to figure out when it bottoms and second will it recover. Is it still over valued?

And a second point of trying to avoid Fools cutting themselves in the process.

KMX is under pressure first from high used car prices (which makes it difficult to source vehicles) and now falling used car prices. once this normalizes , I think KMX will do better.

The demise of CVNA should hurt either. I think it’s interesting, but is it really a better deal than the new car dealers like ABG, LAD PAG (which also have used car business).

I think the new car dealers have a better and more diverse business model with new car sales, used car sales (they get first dibs on used cars from customers that trade in as well) and service revenues. They are also very cheap, albeit over earning a currently.

No position yet, but actively looking in this sector.

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