Apple AirTags - Handy!

My own uses have gone from Keys, Memory sticks, to my Nikon Camera, to our Car, just had one report it needed a new battery… An easier than expected change… We did purchase some leather covers with a clip to make it simpler to attach to stuff…

More uses…

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I almost never lose things. I won’t go so far as to say I never lose things, but it’s pretty rare for me. It’s just one of those things, like remembering names and faces. Actually, I have a hard time remembering names and faces beyond my immediate social circles, so maybe those are the neurons I use for remembering where my stuff is.

That said, I have AirTags on my keys, my various backpacks, and pieces of luggage. It’s sometimes fun to watch the progress of my checked luggage through airport baggage handling, from the plane to baggage claim.

I do have AirTag attachments to my Ridge wallet and Ekster card case. They kind of ruin the slim profiles of these wallets, but it’s nice to have the extra peace of mind knowing they can be tracked.