Apple really borked up adding text to images in iPadOS 17

In iPadOS 16 and earlier, a text block added to a photo in the Photos app could be dynamically resized and the text within it would automatically flow to match the changing block size. That doesn’t happen anymore, and you must insert line feeds (return key) if you want to break lines. Otherwise, the text just gets cut off on the right side.

Brilliant job Apple. :rage:

Haven’t tried that yet - still waiting for fix re heartbeats no longer showing on many watch faces…come on Apple better testing on updates Please

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They seriously need at least double the people devoted to testing and fixing bugs. But I wonder if iOS and iPadOS have simply become too bloated with “spaghetti code” over the years to be effectively maintained. Is MacOS in a similar state?

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Or maybe just take more time for testing and bug fix?
Fast, good or cheap - pick any 2.

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If folks have troubles, it helps to direct the info to themApple folks!

My iPad Mini 2 is ancient, stopped at 12.5.7, so no help…

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Can you try on your iPhone? I assume it also has the capability to add text to a picture. Note: I’m not talking about a caption, but actually editing the image to insert text.

Just fiddled on my iPhone 11, iOS 17.1 and yes, digging in, opening the Markup abilities, was able to add the text below… (It’s just tedious, I normally pull all the images into my desktop Mac, use Preview or Photoshop if needed.)

(image is of an Xandex inker made to mark bad chips in the testing units. Local company, likely long gone today, but my DW worked for them as a planner/scheduler, years ago.)

Yes, it “works”, but if, say, you try to paste some long string of text into it while editing, the text just ends up being cut off on the right, with no way except by inserting line-feeds (returns). That is, the text box is not resizable in width while the lines of text flow automatically to fit.

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Well, way more than I do on either, leaving it for the big screen, more tools… Maybe if I were traveling, without a laptop, but that’s rare… Even more rare lately… Took the laptop with us, camping on the coast, never bothered to power it up…

At least if it’s reported they can take a look, maybe a simple fix in the next update…

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