APPN: Thanks TomG for DoubleSpiffy

Today, APPN went up $42, which was a DoubleSpiffy pop from the $20.17 price I paid for it on 2/11/2017. So why am I posting this? Because at that time, it turns out TomG had been lurking on our board and really appreciated the brilliant conversations and analysis that was going on. He said he liked our discussion of LGI Homes so much that he had recommended it in one of his services. He was so appreciative the he gave the board two stocks he was eying, or just recommended (don’t recall).

One was Appian, which is now up $767% from that $20.17 price and the other,
Varonis (VRNS), which is now up a mere 131%, terrible!

So a Big Thanks to Tom Gardner for his generosity, hope you are still lurking. Tom, those gains easily cover my membership to your Partnership Portfolio and Ownership portfolio and CD2020, and anything else I might join for years to come.

Thanks again, you were always one of my two favorite Gardner brothers.



It would have been my first SpiffyPop had I not sold out based on my own research.
Appian was not posting numbers anywhere close to the likes of a CrowdStrike or DataDog or Etsy etc…
In fact it’s looking pretty bleak in comparison.
This made me question the merit of even reading any earnings reports and Analyst reports, since they all add very little Insight.

In the end it all seems to come down to pure luck and “belief” since no hard facts were there to support any of this in my personal opinion. If there were, I’d like to use this as a learning experience. Just picking generally good companies and sticking with them works, as demonstrated by TMF method.

So, how can I improve upon this with e.g. really digging into the details without being misled by my own flawed judgement?


I started with the Fool and bought into one of Tom’s services in '17. While he does not have the performance record of his brother but he’s done right by me. Half of my top 10 stocks have come from his services, and seconded by this board. And now APPN pops up from mid pack to #11, just missing a Double Spiffy. I had been tempted to unload it over the years but when buying into his service I had “agreed” to hold it for 5 years, so it stayed a mid position until yesterday. So, thanks Tom.