April Fools' post caught me flat footed

I won’t even link to it but there was an article on one of the major HW sites claiming that Nvidia haad managed to persuade Microsoft to sell them the whole Xbox business. Had me freaking out until the last line. April fools indeed.


Of course many suppliers find it tricky to integrate forward. You end up competing with some of your customers. They don’t like that and often refuse to partner with supplier. Ie refuse to share future plans/needs. It quickly gets complicated.

Well, the other issues is, XBox is not just a HW business, it’s the center of the whole Windows PC gaming experience, and titles in the XBox gaming store for PCs are of course built to support whatever graphics card the user has – Nvidia, AMD discrete or integrated, Intel discrete or integrated, etc… So if XBox went to any one company in the HW ecosystem suddenly it stops being an honest broker like Steam and becomes a way to push one or another HW ecosystem… a disaster.

So it’s not even just about roadmap, it’s about XBox being more than just a brand tied to XBox HW.