ARK Invest Disruptive Technology Report

Here is a link to the disruptive technology report that just came out from ARK Invest.…

There is lots of great info in this report ranging from topics such as AI, blockchain technology, the war on cash, genome sequencing, robotics, and energy storage.

I am just beginning to go through it and very interested in the section on autonomous taxi services. As a point of disclosure ARK is a big bull when it comes to Tesla.

When it comes to a cashless society you can take a look at page 19, as an example, you will see that Square is listed as number 10 for Top Financial Institutions Ranked by Number of Customer Accounts in 2018. Up from number 14 in 2017 and number 41 in 2016.

PayPal’s Venmo is number 4.

Enjoy. This report is fun to read if you are a high growth investor.

Frank - long PYPL, long SQ, long TSLA see profile for all holdings