ARK Invest updated 7/22 (Captain's ARK)

ARK Invest (Captain’s ARK) updated to Friday July 22

It is difficult to predict bottoms but ARK’s ETFs have been basing for about two and a half months. That to me says that weak hands have sold, that panic selling is done.


I started buying ARKK for covered calls a bit early at the end of March but June and July have been very good. I added on July 1.

My other covered call position is Rivian (RIVN) which I started on June 22. It’s looking like a safe investment in the EV sector now that the craziness has been squeezed out of the share price. Ford has sold all or most of its position but Amazon remains an investor and a customer for delivery vans.


I’m glad to report that as of yesterday, while still down YTD, I’m ahead of the S&P 500 and NASDAQ. Tesla’s 2Q earnings were a big help! It too has been basing for two months.


**Indexes   YTD**
Denny   -16.2%
DJIA    -12.2%
SPX     -16.9%
NASDAQ  -24.4%

With less than a third of the portfolio covering my expenses I’m feeling very bullish about the market. Let’s hope the Fed, Putin, and the rest of the politicians don’t screw it up.

I’m also feeling very bullish on renewables, specially solar. For me the most attractive part is that unlike most energy sources, solar is becoming widely distributed which negates the power of governments and industries to operate monopolies. In energy like in everything else, distributed is a lot safer than central planning. Just see how the Fed can screw up the works – capitalistic central planning no better than Soviet 5 year plans. With the advances in battery technology the intermittency problem of renewables is being overcome. I had solar panels on my boat 25 years ago but that was too early in the adoption cycle. A quarter century later I’m convinced that solar has “Crossed the Chasm” which is an important milestone for investors as it reduces the risk considerably.

Denny Schlesinger


Haven’t sold any enph since 4 and change. Added at 64 and 128. Bit of a pig perhaps but believe in their future.

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Haven’t sold any enph since 4 and change. Added at 64 and 128. Bit of a pig perhaps but believe in their future.

I made the mistake of selling out in June 2020 just when thing were about to get hot. I bought back in and now have a small gain and I’m holding long term.

Denny Schlesinger