I want to thank Bulwnkl for sharing his very specific expertise, and explain what I’ve done with ARNA. I don’t like biopharma stocks, because a lot of them seem to go nowhere, and I can’t decide which ones will or won’t. But Bulwnkl has been very right in the past, especially when he’s found binary events to target. Even if they don’t work out, at least there’s a specific time when that becomes obvious and we can move on. Contrast to other biopharm stocks which may or may not pay off at some vague point in the future.

I bought after Bulwnkl’s first post last fall:…

And I appreciated the updates:…

Yesterday Bulwknl posted this:…

Since the entire reason I bought this one was because of Bulwnkl’s expertise and track record, I sold my shares this morning. Bulwnkl’s statement that It sounds like amiselimod might be close to estrasimod was very thesis-busting for me. If we’re holding because of Estrasimod, competition there could really turn the whole story.

I know Bulwnkl has decided to keep a small amount, but I for one am happy to bank the 40% increase I’ve enjoyed on the shares, and move on.

Thanks again Bulwnkl, and I look forward to binary event #4!



thank you for (re) posting that - I had been looking for BLWNKL’s update (that I believe he mentioned a few months ago would be coming, I’d assumed here). Thank you very much, I might have missed it for a few more weeks, 'til I would have gone searching again…

Hi Croesus2024,
Apologies. I meant to get an update out much earlier. That said, if you scroll up the page, you will see my update here as well.



Thanks for the kind words. I might have more time to post in the future as I am scaling back work a bit and considering early retirement. This is by no means a forced retirement. It’s a choice that I have from decades of investing at age 55. It’s also the result from a concentrated portfolio, a little elbow grease, and little help from you guys. I feel like the best way to show my appreciation to Saul and the rest of you is to share something that I find that might be of benefit to the group.

OT: I know my handle is a little bit screwy and confusing. The handle comes from two things. First, when I was a kid, I watched Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons. Bullwinkle has a weather forecasting bunion. Since we try to forecast the future of a stock, I thought it would be appropriate.

Second, you can understand the handle without all the letters. Just like with stock, we can get the gist of what’s going on without all of the information. I hope this makes sense to everyone.

Thanks Saul, Bear, and the rest of the contributors.