Asymmetric warfare in Ukraine

Here is a 4 minute video showing how Ukraine is using $400 drones to take out million dollar Russian tanks. Lots of explosions and shoot-‘em-up stuff for you fans.

My father was in the Pacific during the Kamikazee period of WWII, and later I read several analyses noting that less than 20% of those attacks were successful. One of the reasons, they came in one-at-a-time, allowing ship crews to re-target after downing one. Had multiple planes come in at the same time they would likely have overwhelmed the ship defenses and been more successful.

Knowing that, I have often wondered how vulnerable our super-duper multibillion dollar aircraft carriers are, especially as we rely on them to project our power overseas (notably, lately, around Taiwan.) It would seem that a swarm of drones could easily cause major damage and render them near-useless.

This idea not only impacts US defenses, but also the future economics of defense contractors, although I’m sure they will keep their hand in Uncle Sugar’s pocket for as long as they can.

Anyway, cool video. Enjoy.


Would take quite a few and they would have to be moving at a very fast speed - at that point, you are probably better off simply using multiple missiles.

Up to 4500 rounds a minute and can engage multiple targets at a time; range over 5 kilometers.

This debate goes on forever. Yes, in the event of nuclear war, we would like to have more nuclear submarines. They are probably most likely to survive. But in limited wars of the modern type, air craft carriers (and the fleet that defends them) are a useful way to exert our military power. Downgrading them would be a mistake.

We need both. The people in power should allocate resources to cover both situations.

Send more money.


Can’t watch the video, it keeps asking me to type in words, and I type them correctly every time, but nevertheless it still won’t show the video!

How did you embed a video???

We need a sort of air defense in the field that is like a gun with guided bullets to shoot these down and protect the troops and equipment.

Amazing footage even as Russians are cut in half. I have no sympathy for any of the Russians. Go home and fight Putin. I have full sympathies for Ukrainians.


We wont be fighting a Ukrainian. We have to be prepared for a heavy hardware fight. If we do face a smaller power that is not problematic in the sense of we wont be able.

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The video worked smoothly for me. I only clicked on it to see if I would have the same problem. It was on YouTube -
try this link: How Ukrainian DIY Drones Are Taking Out Russian Tanks | WSJ - YouTube


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