Auth0 Acq. Closed


OKTA CEO/Co-Founder Todd McKinnon announced the close of the Auth0 acquisition on Twitter today. Here is what he said:

When we look back in 10 years, joining forces with @auth0 will be one of the most consequential moments in our history. @eugenio_pace and I are proud to share that we’ve closed the deal and we’re ready to bring together two exceptional companies.

In a blog on the Okta company website, McKinnon continued (Eugenio & Matias or Auth0 co-founders):

Just like Eugenio, I started my career as a software engineer, and over the years I’ve seen product builders become more important than ever. They’re building every experience on the internet and are driving innovation at organizations large and small — and they’re expected to do this all while ensuring everything is safe and secure. These application teams are both the most important asset in a company’s technology strategy and the most over-stretched. What’s more, the global product builder talent shortage shows no sign of slowing. That’s why we’ve been intentional at Okta about making developers’ lives easier so they can build what matters to their core missions while leaving the identity to us.

Product builders are key in building the next generation of customer experiences, and Auth0 has always been squarely focused on developers’ needs and requirements. Auth0’s DNA is rooted in enabling application teams with identity — Eugenio and Matias literally wrote the book on developer identity for Microsoft — and their focus has since remained on enabling product builders to innovate. It’s always been clear that developers go farther and faster with Auth0.

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