AWS Glue DataBrew - AYX competitor?

Amazon/AWS just announced the release of their datacleansing tool, catchily named “Glue Databrew”. At first glance, this looks like they’re moving definitively into Alteryx’s space.

AWS (imo) have a history of releasing half-baked tools that don’t necessarily catch on (I’m looking at you QuickSight!) but this one looks like a reasonably complete tool, already cloud-native, at least if you’re an AWS user.

AYX is up today, but for those of you still in it, this might be something to watch. There are probably a number of AYX users who use AWS, so might be good candidates to switch.

Pricing is a little opaque, but is based on “time for your job to run” or “number of 30 minute interactive sessions”, so it’s unclear how this would compare with AYX’s up-front user-based model. But essentially you’re charged for the time you’re actually doing stuff.

See details here:

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