AWS Showed Us HCI Market Has Legs

At AWS’ re:invent conference they announced a move into on prem.

Maybe this hybrid cloud/HCI model Nutanix has is truly just getting started.

AWS wouldn’t make this move if they didn’t see it as being necessary long term.

I know Nutanix is confusing right now, but I’m trusting this one because their revenue growth, and ability to maintain one of the highest NPS scores I’ve ever seen and great margins during this transition to a software subscription model is truly impressive.

Keeping my medium sized position unless the business performance begins to falter.


Not only moving to on-Prem but a bunch of other areas it appears. While it does validate what NTNX is doing, it appears NTNX is great for on-prem, but still working on the cloud part and one-click interchangeability of IT function between on-prem and cloud.

Nutanix has obviously gone at it from the opposite direction starting with on-prem first. I see their advantages as high customer satisfaction as a result of a great product and being the Switzerland of the cloud. It remains to be seen whether all of that continues.

All of the above is from a layman’s perspective. I still believe what is under appreciated about TTD is the fact they decided to work with agencies and differentiate themselves as a demand only platform. This ensured TTD was aligned with the best interest of their clients. Nutanix seems to have the same alignment in order to avoid lock-in, but maybe not as far along in the process.

When TTD was created, Green was visionary in that respect. However, that didn’t come to fruition immediately. It took some time before plenty of other adtech companies failed miserably. And that was a boon for those who saw TTD as differentiated.